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The Power of Government Purchasing

03/21/2013 19:19:23

In America, the term "innovation" is often exclusively attributed to the profitable successes of private businesses -- specifically big corporations like Apple, Google and Microsoft -- which are considered by many to be the purveyors of all technological advancement. ... ...

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Intellect government chair highlights IT demands

03/20/2013 19:19:13

The head of the IT industry association's government group has said the next government will have to make much better use of technology... ...

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Con Libs will split up ICT deals

03/20/2013 19:18:40

The coalition's detailed plan for government includes Conservative plans to split large ICT contracts into smaller components... ...

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Cabinet Office pushes suppliers on open source

03/20/2013 19:17:41

The government's deputy chief information officer has told suppliers that it wants to open source technology to feature in its ICT strategy... ...

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Scottish government ICT 'lags behind private sector'

03/20/2013 19:16:44

Review led by John McClelland finds Scottish public sector needs drive towards shared infrastrucure and more online services... ...

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Interview: Mark Thompson and Jerry Fishenden

03/20/2013 19:15:59

The authors of a new report on government IT argue that the time is right for a radical shift in the approach to public services... ...

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No Minister: Pointing to the IT rip-offs

03/20/2013 19:15:20

Dick Vinegar says that he recognises allegations aired in the PASC report on government IT from a long time ago... ...

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Scotland seeks 100m IT hardware deal

03/20/2013 18:52:40

Framework will be available for a range of public sector organisations Scottish Procurement has published a tender for IT hardware and associated services, worth between 80m and 100m.... ...

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Whitehall to aim for half of ICT spend on cloud

03/20/2013 18:51:38

Strategy implementation plan includes targets for cloud computing, the use of agile techniques and spending on the Public Service Network... ...

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Intellect aims to broaden government's IT outlook

03/20/2013 18:49:59

The IT industry association has launched a plan to improve government's understandings of the options in the technology market, writes Mark Say... ...

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