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Self-Contained RIU Subsystem adapts to different system profiles.

05/01/2013 19:42:38

Using platform location monitoring built into on-board FPGA to recognize its physical location within platform, A175 EMC-/EMI-protected Remote Interface Unit (RIU) I/O expansion subsystem communicates with main mission computer. ... ...

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China Widens Lead as World's Largest Manufacturer

04/09/2013 23:08:50

According to the latest research from the United Nations, China has further outpaced its competitors in world manufacturing, generating $2.9 trillion in output annually versus $2.43 trillion from the U.S., the world¡¯s second-largest manufacturing economy.... ...

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Global Steel Production Down in February

04/09/2013 23:08:41

Global crude steel production inched down from 125 million tons in January to 123 million tons in February, according to the latest report from the World Steel Association (worldsteel).... ...

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Inside the World's Most Dangerous Industrial Cyber Weapon

04/09/2013 23:08:16

Using reverse comprehensive engineering, a team at cyber security firm Symantec found that Stuxnet 0.5, the older version of the virus widely considered to be a joint effort between Israel and the U.S., was actually first deployed in 2007, several years before it was detected in 2010.... ...

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Industrial Production Gains Momentum

04/09/2013 23:08:08

Industrial production in the U.S. rose 0.7 percent in February, after having been relatively unchanged in January, according to the U.S.... ...

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Nuclear Energy Stalls, but Proponents Remain Bullish

04/09/2013 23:07:21

In March, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) upheld the rejection of a license to build a new nuclear reactor in Maryland, while nuclear plants in Wisconsin and Florida are planning to close because they¡¯re unable to compete with less expensive natural-gas-based electrical generation.... ...

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Simplifying Tax Rules for Small Business

04/09/2013 23:06:32

The draft contains several core components that simplify tax compliance and provides certainty to know that tax codes will remain constant over a period of years.... ...

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Water Consumption: The Next Big Industrial Cost

04/09/2013 23:06:07

North Americans are the largest users of water, sending about 1,800 gallons per person per day down the drain. This figure represents not only personal use but the water required to manufacture products and food.... ...

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ThomasNet¡¯s New Scholarship Program Aims to Bolster Next Generation of Manufacturers

04/09/2013 23:06:00

As the U.S. manufacturing workforce shortage approaches critical levels, ThomasNet is launching a new scholarship program to help attract talented American and Canadian students toward careers in manufacturing.... ...

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Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: U.S. Economic Growth Accelerates

04/09/2013 23:05:29

The U.S. economy grew in the fourth quarter of 2012 at a faster pace than initially projected, although growth at the end of last year still remained weak.... ...

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