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Dual CMM combines manual and automatic measurements.

02/15/2015 18:44:03

Suitable for shop floor or laboratory, TESA MH3D-DUAL Coordinate Measuring Machine is equipped with data management software, which provides 7 measuring options, including points, lines, circles, planes, cones, spheres, and cylinders. ... ...

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Rugged Wireless Datalogger Probe meets meat industry needs.

02/15/2015 18:42:20

Built to withstand harsh environments and thousands of cycles, ergonomic RFOT handles datalogging in smoke houses and meat processing facilities of all sizes.... ...

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Instrument Suite provides nuclear pulse counting.

02/15/2015 18:41:55

Providing nuclear pulse counting and pulse-height analysis for research applications, EASY-NIM 928 combines nuclear multi-channel analyzer with up to 4 counter-rate meters and 2 timers.... ...

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Absolute Encoders support DeviceNet communications.

02/15/2015 18:40:46

Offered in single- and multi-turn versions, NR25 Series is compatible with all devices that support DeviceNet.... ...

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Qseven Development Kit leverages Altera Cyclone V SoC.

02/15/2015 18:40:11

Development board iW-RainboW-G17D is equipped with Qseven R2.0 standard-compliant CPU module based on Altera 5CSXFC6 Cyclone V SoC.... ...

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Termite/Pest Detector supports Android connectivity.

02/15/2015 18:39:48

Enabling pest control operators and home inspectors to perform their jobs with enhanced accuracy, T3i supports connection to Android devices (phones /tablets) via Bluetooth.... ...

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WiFi Thermo Data Loggers upload information to cloud service.

02/15/2015 18:36:35

Utilizing external thermistor sensor to take readings, T&D TR-7wf Series automatically uploads recorded temperature and/or humidity data to T&D's cloud service so users can view it on mobile device or PC anytime, anywhere.... ...

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Ammonia Analyzer uses coulometric titration technology.

02/15/2015 18:36:01

Using one type of environmental-friendly reagent (dedicated electrolyte), ... ...

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Torque Controller maintains constant web tension.

02/15/2015 18:35:29

Suitable for applications in which precise tension control is not essential, EasyWebâ„¢ Open-Loop Torque Controller provides taper tension to center-driven rewind or unwind operations.... ...

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Gas Analyzer provides ultra-trace purity measurements.

02/03/2015 19:05:28

Designed specifically for contaminant gases and hydrocarbons that can be present at ultra-trace levels in semiconductor manufacture, SERVOPRO NanoChrome provides sub-ppb measurement of H2, CH4, CO, CO2, and NMHC in range of common background gases including He, H2, N2, Ar, and O2... ...

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