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A Molecular Hinge Allows Transport Proteins to Move Neurotransmitters Across Brain Cell Membranes

05/15/2013 21:13:09

An international team of molecular biologists has developed a model that shows how components of a protein transport complex act as a molecular hinge to move neurotransmitters across brain cell membranes.... ...

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A Transcription Factor Feedback Loop Controls Early Placenta Development

05/15/2013 21:12:54

The molecular pathways leading to development of the placenta are regulated by a feedback loop between the transcription factors Gcm1 (chorion-specific transcription factor or hGCMa), which is a mammalian homologue of the Drosophila GCM (glia cells missing) and Fzd5 (Frizzled5).... ...

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Accelerated Genomics Cloud Promotion Designed to Enhance Research Workflows

05/15/2013 21:12:30

Convey Computer (Richardson, TX, USA) reported that Nimbix (Dallas, TX, USA), a developer of accelerated high-performance cloud computing systems, has partnered with Convey to expand its Convey hybrid-core (HC) infrastructure, as part of The Accelerated Genomics Cloud (TAGC) promotion, which provides free runtime for qualified applicants.... ...

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Analytik Jena Acquires California-Based UVP

05/15/2013 21:12:05

Analytik Jena, AG (Jena, Germany) recently acquired all of the outstanding shares of UVP, LLC (Upland, CA, USA), including its subsidiary, Ultra-Violet Products, Ltd. (Cambridge UK).... ...

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Avian Influenza Virus Genome Contains Mutations Favorable for Growth in Humans

05/14/2013 22:27:50

A collaborative study conducted by researchers in the United States and Japan analyzed isolates of the A(H7N9) avian influenza virus taken from Chinese patients and from samples derived from birds and the environment in the area of Shanghai.... ...

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Blocking Alzheimer¡¡¥s Disease Process by Blocking Specific Protein

05/14/2013 22:27:19

Scientists have discovered a potential approach for developing treatments to stop the disease process in Alzheimer's disease (AD).... ...

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Blocking the ATP11B Gene Restores Ovarian Cancer Cell Sensitivity to Cisplatin

05/14/2013 22:26:38

The expression of a protein in the cellular membrane of ovarian cancer cells was found to mediate the development of resistance to platinum-containing chemotherapeutic compounds while blocking this expression restored sensitivity to the drugs.... ...

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Blood Clotting Linked to Immune Response

05/14/2013 22:26:15

A link has been discovered between a protein that triggers the formation of blood clots and other proteins that are essential for the body's immune system.... ...

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Brain Imaging Studies Reveal Neurobiology of Eating Disorders

05/14/2013 22:25:56

Current treatments for bulimia nervosa and anorexia are frequently inadequate and ineffective. Patients have a tendency to relapse, become chronically ill, and have a higher risk of dying.... ...

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Endogenous antibiotic in the brain

05/14/2013 22:25:55

Scientists from the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of Luxembourg have discovered that immune cells in the brain can produce a substance that prevents bacterial growth: namely itaconic acid.... ...

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