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Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender brings coverge to dead zones.

02/15/2015 19:02:13

Utilizing Wi-Fi AC750 technology, Model DAP-1520 provides speeds up to 750 Mbps, suitable for seamless web browsing and high bandwidth Internet activities such as HD video streaming. ... ...

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Foundation Drilling Tools feature quick change holders.

02/15/2015 19:01:42

In addition to quick-change tool holders and tools, KF Series includes duo-cut and single-cut wall cutters, welding bar tools and teeth, modular pilot drills, and modular pilot drill holders.... ...

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Worm Drive Saws come in application-specific models.

02/15/2015 19:00:54

With respective weights of 14.1, 12.5, and 11.6 lb, 7¼ in. aluminum SHD77-02 SKILSAW, 7¼ in. magnesium SHD77M-02 SKILSAW, and 7¼ in. magnesium MAG77LT SKILSAW feature 24-tooth carbide blade and Cut-Ready Depth of Cut System™ that facilitates and accelerates adjustment. ... ...

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Tube Production System processes 5,000 pieces per hour.

02/15/2015 18:59:44

Equipped with twin machining head that fits onto standard head, ACS® + CFMtwin can cut 2 tube or bar sections simultaneously, then machine both ends of both workpieces, also simultaneously.... ...

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Block System optimizes road milling efficiency.

02/15/2015 18:59:17

Consisting of taper-press retention system that requires only single spare part for backup, KPL/KPR302 System offers long gauge length, which minimizes power requirements for road milling.... ...

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End Mills handle machining of hardened steels.

02/15/2015 18:57:17

Suitable for machining hardened steels up to 58–62 HRC, running wet or dry, Omega M726 End Mills feature 6 flutes, 50° helix angle, and AITiNX coating to protect cutting edges from heat generated in cutting zone. ... ...

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Place and Route System increases physical design throughput.

02/15/2015 18:57:13

Used for advanced design at established and emerging nodes, IC Compiler™ II offers ultra-high-capacity design planning, clock-building technology, and global-analytical closure techniques.... ...

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Evaporative Cooling Retorts suit raw product processing.

02/15/2015 18:56:42

Providing automated monitoring and control, as well as extensive recipe flexibility, Evaporative Cooling Retorts offer solution for processing 3,200 lb batches or 50–800 gallon kettles of raw products.... ...

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EDM Machine drills film cooling holes and diffuser shapes.

02/15/2015 18:55:22

Equipped with 2-axis rotary table that can accommodate workpieces up to 19.7 in. dia x 24.96 in. long, Model EDBV8 is designed for production of film cooling holes and shaped diffuser holes in blade and vane segments.... ...

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Flexible Abrasive Discs are non-loading on aluminum.

02/15/2015 18:50:26

Available in 4½, 5, and 7 in. sizes in A36 and A54 grits, Rex-Cut® Type 27 Max Flex Cotton Fiber Wheels enable blending and finishing of aluminum in one-step without requiring waxes or compounds. ... ...

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